SecureAge Securite Suite

SecureAge Technology is a global leader in data protection solutions.

SecureAge Technology provides data protection solutions that help prevent, protect, and shield governments and enterprises from any possible d

SecureAge Management Server

SecureAge Management Server provides a platform to centralize the control of all SecureAge Security Suite’s components like SecureEmail and SecureData that are deployed in your organization. It helps your IT administrator to signiicantly streamline a


SecureData is a smart, automated, highly fl exible policy-based end-to-end Data encryption solution that persistently protects user data  fi les and folders from unintended data leaks, irrespective of storage media...

SecureData for Servers

SecureData for Enterprise Servers
SecureData , an end-to-end data protection solution, secures critical servers within the enterprise network from data leakages. Without having to combine a host of different solutions, it single-hand

SecureData for Sharepoint

SecureData for Microsoft SharePoint
SecureData  is a single, cost-effective solution that independently provides synergistic protection for any concern in data security and data access visibility for Microsoft SharePoint reposit

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