SecureData for sharepoint

SecureData for Microsoft SharePoint

SecureData  is a single, cost-effective solution that independently provides synergistic protection for any concern in data security and data access visibility for Microsoft SharePoint repositories, servers, applications, and databases. It automatically protects sensitive data for corporate users at work, at rest and in motion, all without user intervention.

Key Features

1. Secured Document Management

SecureData for SharePoint, with its proprietary 3P (Proactive, Pervasive and Persistent) data protection technology, ensures that data stored in the SharePoint repositories is automatically encrypted without any user’s involvement; and the data is continuously encrypted at work, at rest and in motion. Data is encrypted from the point it was  first created to the point it gets modified, moved, or copied to other storage media, including USB  flash drives, external hard drives, or uploaded to SharePoint server. Secure-Data is so seamless and transparent that users do not have to consciously invoke cumbersome security measures to get their work done. It also relieves an organization’s burden of educating their employees how best to use SharePoint. Most importantly, it prevents unwanted sniffers from stealing useful information and mitigates the risks of dataleakage.

2. Secured Document Sharing

SecureData for SharePoint enables secure file sharing between SharePoint users. Users simply create a shared folder in a SharePoint document library and specify a list of legitimate users in which the data will be encrypted for. This ensures that only authorized users with the right key is able to access and decrypt the  fi les in the SecureData shared folder. Hence, curious administrators or any other sni ffer attempting to open the encrypted  files, will only see randomized files that are undecipherable without the proper user encryption key.

3. Secured Database

SecureData for SharePoint tightly integrates propri-etary 3P data protection with Application Binding to securely encrypt all the content databases on the server machine. Application Binding allows Share-Point users to specify rules that bind SharePoint databases to only SharePoint Application, thereby preventing any other application from accessing the databases. There is no avenue for administrators to copy out or snoop for sensitive information when performing backups.

4. Visibility of SharePoint Application and Data Access

SecureData for SharePoint provides a complete data access audit log to continuously monitor the move-ment of SharePoint application execution and data access. The audit trail provides detailed information of every  fi le accessed by the SharePoint application, moving of information to external devices,  fi le ownership information, and blocked operations. If the log shows activities that deviate from pre-determined application execution or data access, administrators will be able to derive comprehensive intelligence from the logs to help accelerate any forensic investigation. This also helps to mitigate the risk from advanced malware by allowing easy and fast identifi cation of potential threats that are in progress.